Central Heating

Central heating breakdowns can be stressful times, especially during the winter months. Our engineers will come out and service any faults with your heating system to help you stay warm during those cold winter nights.

If you have an old central heating system that isn’t working as well as it used to, it may require flushing. Common symptoms of this are radiators which are slow at heating up and areas which stay cold. A power flush could help by cleaning out any build of of dirt which could be causing a blockage.

A powerflush works by pumping water and chemicals through your heating system which helps to dislodge and stubborn dirt and build up. It also adds special inhibitors to the heating system which helps to prevent future corrosion. A clean efficient heating system will save on your energy bills by heating more effectively.

If you’re in Enfield or the North London area, be sure to give us a call for advice as to how we can help you.

Gas Safe Registered

We are gas safe registered and have many years of experience in dealing with central heating installations, servicing and repairs.

If you want to service or repair your existing central heating system, or install new radiators and pipes, please give us a call on 07949 828 518 or 020 8366 2998. Alternatively you can use our webform on our contact page.